Shag Shag


I am the one that your mother warned you about!

I am a middle aged white guy that loves a great joke or prank. I am married to a woman who has an exact opposite sense of humor than I have. I find comedy in almost everything, but the dumber things are, the harder I will laugh. I just can't believe that some people are so stupid! I love Rock-N-Roll, and listen to music whenever I can. I just listen, I can't play a guitar or any other instrument. I enjoy the outdoors, and try to get outside whenever my work schedule allows it. I love sports, but I am too out of shape to participate. So, I watch on tv, and play sports via fantasy leagues. I love NASCAR, and attend a few races every year. I also go to an occaisional football, baseball, or hockey game. Oh, I am not rich. In fact, I am not even close. I can blame that on all of the years that I pissed away by partying. I am a "Burning Man" vet, and would love to go again. I honor all of the men & women that serve in our armed forces. I am a Marine Corps vet myself. Thank you for keeping our freedom alive!