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“Ingenious and fresh” - Time Out “The very funny Tom Webb... Super duper MC... Tom Webb is a cheeky, inventive, damn funny fellow” - “The extraordinarily funny Tom Webb” - Hackney Gazette “Jam-packed with jokes” - Camden New Journal “Hilarious and silly... Laugh out loud, choking on your beer jokes” - Theatreworld “A bit like Jesus” - Emma McAlpine Spoonfed “Superlative... Better than Jesus” - Ruth Pickett “Funny f**ker” - Paul Tonkinson “I like him” - Paul Foot “Marvelous” - George Ryegold “I'm his biggest fan” - Pat Burtscher “Ripped it up” - Spiky Mike “Tom is a quietly confident and unique act with some excellent twists and turns in a well delivered set that should certainly deliver laughs from his audience” - Geoff Whiting Mirth Control “Easily one of the funniest things I have seen for a long time” - Richard Sandling “Dashing and delightful” - Jessica Delfino “Very funny... Tweak Daddy” - Scott Capurro “Very kind and funny” - Josie Long