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My Channel has more hits than Uma Thurman's new movie "Motherhood"...

Tomiratz Tomiratz

Will update soon...i know you're dieing to know...you got this page as a favourite right? hot tabed to send you an email the moment i update this shit right?....your iphone is set to 24 hour live updates, and you developed an app just to keep you abreast of this info right?... ...right? NO?..... FUCK YOU THEN! FUCK YOU, FUCK YOUR FLUFFY LITTLE FLUFFY FUCKEN FLUFF FUCKER OF A FUCKEN CAT, FUCK YOUR ELDERLY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR, FUCK... sorry, i swear, i apologise. please, please, please visit my page rate my vids, please. RATE ME! DON'T BE A DICK! FUCK YOU! SERIOUSLY! JUST DROP A FUCKING RATING FUCK HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT! FUCK ME DEAD, MOTHER FUCKER CAN'T EVEN DROP A RATING! FUUUCK... sorry, sorry again, oww fuck my meds, BRB, promise, i love you, i do, what you don't love me? you don't?! NO!? fuuuc....