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Todd Glass

Solidly ensconced in the 30-40 demographic, comedian Todd Glass may now be considered ineligible to be labeled a wunderkind—but he certainly was one, having launched his career in comedy at age 16. Since that precocious start, the Philadelphia native has developed into a polished performer with a bent for inventive material that often mocks the conventions of standup. Todd is currently on the road performing nationally with comedian/actor David Spade and made his move to the big screen, starring in indie films Save the Mavericks and Cook-off! No stranger to television, viewers got a thrill watching Todd as one of the house finalists in the wildly successful seasons of the NBC reality series, Last Comic Standing 2 and Last Comic Standing 3: Battle of the Best. His many television appearances include performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Showbiz Show with David Spade, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and Politically Incorrect. Todd has also made guest appearances on HBO’s Mr. Show and has become a veritable fixture on Comedy Central, headlining his own half-hour standup special Comedy Central Presents Todd Glass and appearing on The Sarah Silverman Show. Demonstrating his unwavering innovation, Todd co-created, co-executive produced and starred in Todd’s Coma, a pilot produced by Adam Sandler and his company Happy Madison for TBS. The much praised, slightly twisted show, in which Todd’s curious family conducts interviews with visiting celebrities while he lies in a coma, attracted such celebrity guests as Ben Stiller, Fred Willard, Herb Alpert, Ray Romano and Gene Simmons. Todd is no stranger to working with talent. In addition to touring with David Spade, Todd has performed with Jack Black and Tenacious D earning high praise from Black himself “I covet his ****ing brain!” Todd is currently working on his next show called Todd Glass Saves America. This passion driven show will follow Todd as he travels America searching for wrongs and injustice in everything from social issues to cell phone etiquette. Where your personality flaw meets society is where Todd Glass steps in and rights wrongs and opens your eyes a little. In the process he leaves America a little friendlier, more peaceful and a little bit wiser….. but with much better lighting. Todd currently resides in Los Angeles.