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Today I Found Out

Feed Your Brain is a site founded on the precept that it is good to learn something new every day. It was inspired (in 2009) by the wonderful sub-reddit "Today I Learned". At the time, there seemed a decided lack of "interesting fact" style websites out there where the facts presented were well researched. (Except for a handful like mental_floss, neatorama, and a few others, most such sites post more myths or exaggerations than accurate facts in my experience.) As I have a background in research and am fairly well credentialed (see authors page on site), I thought I'd give it a shot and launched TIFO on 1/1/2010. Since then the site has grown dramatically, now viewed by ~2 million people every month and features near daily (except for weekends) extremely well researched "interesting fact" articles from various well credentialed authors besides myself. Besides the videos on this channel and the articles on the site itself, we also produce a very popular Daily Knowledge Newsletter and Daily Knowledge Podcast which you can take a look at on