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tito burrito will survive

Q: What do you do with your free time A Sleep Q Current relationship status A Married Q About children A I have more than 4 children Q Indoor hobbies you enjoy A Sewing & needlecraft Q Outdoor activities you enjoy A Walking Q Describe your current living arrangement A Dormitory Q Country you live in today A OTHER Q Kind of pet(s) you have A Pig(s), Rodent(s) Q How do you feel about your life right now A I'm extremely important. Don't you know who I am? Q Your favorite type of movie A Foreign Q Your friends would describe you as A Dark and moody Q Kind of car you drive A I prefer public transportation Q Your dream vacation A Fresh powder and a Swiss chalet Q If you won $100 million tomorrow, you would A Donate most of it Q Your biggest pet peeve A Other Q How you meet most of your friends A Through my children Q Describe your political views A Very Liberal Q Your main source of current events A Newspaper Q Why you're here at funnyordie A Hoping to start a relationship