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Tim Talbot

I'm not actually 'following' you, you just happen to be going EXACTLY where I am

I was born looking south. Raised by a pack of wild dogs... Free-range Corn dogs. Did you know? In Japan I am quite popular! Because apparently there is a festive soda made from a heady blend of Oranges, Onions and Mung Beans called 'Tim'! True story! Also, in good ol' Japantown? My name is pronounced ' HEY SHITHEAD!'. At first? Hearing myself being called this made me and my (once upon a time) rugged and 'Can-do', but now 'Childishly insecure, litigious and paranoid, hyper-sensitive, big ol' American Jackass from the East' attitude feel hurt and resentful, as I'm sure you, being a fellow litigious, hyper-sensitive etc. 'American' like me can understand. But I've been assured, by my plucky Osaka born stableboy and hand to gland combat assistant 'Kenji' that I have nothing to sue, or cry over! In fact, he tells me that on the contrary, this particular title is a traditional moniker that denotes great respect and reverence, for me and all of my run on sentences. I know. They are truly a charming and super good, number 1, oh boy, you got a big good time Charlie (!) people, are they not? They ARE! Be that as it may, it's really neither here nor there though, not really germaine to this here screed about why I think I'm funny and neat and want you to think the same thing. What IS germaine is where I can be tracked down to, more often than not, yes? So you can put me in yer next picture, yes? Yes. Indeed. I can usually be found, w/out too much difficulty, teaching runaways the 'tricks of the trade', behind the Burger King @ Sunset & Vine most every Saturday night. Thanks for stopping by and god bless you, especially if you're a big-shot Tinseltown fellow who can help me kickstart this shit into a stellar, steadily working career! Now THATS PR! It will make me a leper, but hey! Tht is a HUGE untapped market! So....