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Tim Hamilton

The best known example of director Tim Hamilton’s dry, irreverent sense of humor is his short film Truth in Advertising (and it’s sequel The Reel Truth) which he also co-wrote. As well as being an internet phenomenon, (called by Shift magazine one of the top six internet films of all time) this film was shown in official competition at The Cannes Film Festival. 2008 saw the release of Tim Hamilton’s first feature film, Mama’s Boy, for Warner Brothers. The film stars Jon Heder, Diane Keaton, Jeff Daniels, Anna Faris, and Eli Wallach. Tim’s other short films include Shrink, The Reel Truth, and his latest piece The Catsitter which had it’s world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2008. Tim’s directing career began in music videos. He worked with such seminal Canadian artists as Barenaked Ladies, Crash Test Dummies, Bruce Cockburn, Ron Sexsmith, Colin James, and many others. He is also an award winning commercial director whose work is well known internationally.