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Our mission here at TWW is to provide the news to you, the viewer, in the dignified straightforward manner you deserve and at the speed the modern professional demands. In a world gone mad, the American people, in fact every people, seek out the soothing comforts of the familiar, the old-fashioned, or the nostalgic. We at This Week In The World! reject this tactic completely and choose instead to march boldly into the future! Using the very latest in Space Age internet communications and digital recording technology, We shine the blinding light of truth on the very latest in news that concerns both Americans and today's global citizen of every stripe. Join us on our quest to rise above the petty yellow journalism of the average news network, to unfetter the signal and broadcast fact and opinions that are distinguishable from one another into the consciousness of the public, to send the quality news program of the future streaming into every internet set, and ultimately to bring sanity, credibility, and dignity back to the fourth estate. Join us for This Week In The World!