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Because Happy, Happens!

Acting since the age of 5, Cory Tyler is the son of ventriloquist Willie Tyler of "Willie Tyler and Lester". Has appeared on tv shows such as "A Different World", "Beverly Hills, 90210"...but honestly those were in the ''re probably wondering, "What the heck have I been up to the last 15 years". (Yeah, it's Cory writing this, so I can drop the whole 3rd person thing). Well, I've had the blessing of being an entrepreneur, (translation out of work actor). I got married 3 years ago to the most beautiful woman and we have a 2 year old son whom we adore, (a.k.a. this Happy News idea better work out, cuz 'lil man is getting tired of eating top ramen every day...) I realized my life's purpose when I found myself turning off the mainstream news, (ok, honestly my cable was disconnected from not paying the bill, but the news was really unbearable anyway). I thought, why doesn't somebody report happy news! Truth is, many have tried and at the end of the can I say this...It's really boring! But what if I reported the happy news but brought in some really extreme characters that could make my viewers laugh...assuming I had viewers. Well with that "This Just Zen", the happy news / comedy show was birthed. Please continue watching the show, hitting the "Funny" meter whenever you can and letting me know what you think! Now if you'll excuse me...we're having Top Ramen with a little cilantro sprinkles on son's favorite...for now! Peace, Cory