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Our purpose is to create, collaborate, and display progressive works across all artistic mediums. In other words: We make it, help you make it, and make it seen and heard. From music videos to hosting live events Third offers a consistently unique and inventive approach to any project we or you can think of. We Have Weaved Our Way Into This World Wide Web To Wind Back The Clock Of Thought And Inspire Aliterizing Greatness. With Words As Our Weapons, Paint As Our Shield, With Music As Magic, And Film As A Tool To Unify The Three We Shall Prove One Final Theory. This Is The Theory The Only Thing Man Has Ever Given Back To The Earth, Is Art. We Form Together A Coalition That Has Higher Priorities Than Money, Status, And Other Quantifiable Material Possessions. Third Is A Fully Functional Productions House With Focus On Creating And Presenting Honest Work. Our Hope Is To Use This Website To Not Only Spread Our Own Ideas But Act As Hub For Any Other Artists, Musicians, Writers, and Filmmakers. We Seek The Sincerity And Complexity Inside Of All Artists And Offer An Avenue Of Collaboration, Distribution, and Display. At Third Productions We Have Recognized That Survival Surpasses Our Biological Form, And Through Our Creations We May Truly Live Infinitely Within The Echoes Of Our Self Expression. That When We’re Gone We Leave Proof That We At Least Tried To Depict What It Was Like To Be Here, Even If Only For Ourselves.