Thick-Headed Tour Thick-Headed Tour

Thick-Headed Tour

The Ultimate Comedy Road Trip.

THE ULTIMATE STAND-UP COMEDY ROAD TRIP! 45 HOT SUMMER DAYS. 18 UNFORGIVING CITIES. 4 WANNABE COMEDIANS. 1 CRAPPY VAN. Cram 4 rowdy friends into a '97 minivan and journey cross country, hitting open mic nights at small-fry comedy clubs, striving dreams of making it big in the vicious, unruly world of comedy. The Thick-Headed Tour is the ultimate road odyssey, spanning over 8 outrageous weeks, to determine whether these 4 average boys have what it takes to be bona fide stand-up comedians. Featuring Steven "The Filthy Cabana Boy" Briggs, Tommy "T-Stack" Stackhouse, Taylor "T-Butz" Butz, and Graham "G-Ram" Nolte, Will the intense pressure whip these amateurs into tip-top shape? Will it give them a bittersweet taste of what lies ahead as comedic superstars? Or will they fail miserably and shame themselves all across America? The stand-up gigs are only the half of the show! The boys will be making a ruckus wherever they go in between mics. After all, they are young, energetic, mischievous, and full of trouble! The Official Website! http// THE CITIES 1. LOS ANGELES, CA JULY 15- 19 2. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JULY 21-24 3. PORTLAND, OR JULY 26-27 4. BOISE, ID JULY 29-30 5. SALT LAKE CITY AUGUST 1 6. DENVER, CO AUGUST 4-5 7. WICHITA, KS AUGUST 7 8. HOUSTON, TX AUGUST 9-11 9. NEW ORLEANS, LA AUGUST 13-15 10. LITTLE ROCK, AR AUGUST 17 11. ST. LOUIS, MO AUGUST 19 12. CHICAGO, IL AUGUST 20-23 13. INDIANAPOLIS, IN AUGUST 24 14. LOUISVILLE, KY AUGUST 25 15. WASHINGTON, DC AUGUST 27-28 16. BALTIMORE, MD AUGUST 29 17. PHILADELPHIA, PA AUGUST 30 18. NEW YORK CITY, NY AUGUST 31-SEPT. 3