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The Highest In low quality.. The WTF? Comedy Show From the mean streets of Kansas City's nicer suburbs comes The WTF? Comedy Show (Dave Free, Conrad Courtney, Dale Hilton, Matt Nail, Jesse Turney). Forged in the fires of extreme boredom, The WTF? brings a veritable buffet of R-Rated comedy to the stage. By combining the ancient art of Stand-Up with Short Films, Live Sketch, and whatever else can be scraped from the gutter, these self-titled comedic visionaries have created a unique new twist on the traditional comedy club experience. As a rule, no subject is off limits when The WTF? takes the stage. Drunken bannanas, illiterate terrorists, animal rape and mafia pranks are just a few of the hilariously disturbing topics touched on during this no-holds-barred performance. Be warned, The WTF? Comedy Show is coming, so leave your pansy-ass, politically correct friend at home with his wine coolers and find out for yourself what has audiences everywhere running for the confession booth. Go ahead, give yourself a real reason to go to church on sunday. Tell them The WTF? sent you...