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The Wrong Brothers are two L.A. native collaborators that grew up enjoying the same offbeat, bizarre cult-classic films and shows. Roland Pagosan, 24, and Giovanni Suriano, 24, have been working together since 2002. They were nicknamed “The Wrong Brothers” by their close friends and crew members who’d had to endure their bickering and fighting during their collaborative efforts. But when I asked them about finding a more mature and time efficient way of working together, they both agreed that their arguing is what fuels their inspirational juices to higher, more refined levels. The name also stuck because of their esoteric sense of humor and interest in inventing new devices. But unlike their namesake, The Wright Brothers, who invented a practical device, The Wrong Brothers come up with, well… different types of inventions. One of these inventions is called “The Baby Muffler”. This is a small gasmask-like device that straps on to a baby’s mouth. Yes, you read that right a baby’s mouth. It allows it to breathe normally, but muffles any loud crying. For a better explanation, I asked the masterminds explain it in their own words. They gathered their thoughts, had a quick recap, and (as if pitching the idea to an investor) The Wrong Brothers began in a sardonically serious tone to explain “…Well, the Baby Muffler is a device that new mothers would use to muffle their baby’s crying in public places. We figured everybody hates to hear that loud piercing cackle a baby makes when it cries… at movie theaters, restaurants, etc… so we came up with the Baby Muffler!” Before I had a chance to change the subject, Roland insisted on adding the fact that the Baby Muffler could also be used, as he put it, ”in the making of the babies” as well. Then, he smiled his big charming smile and added, “You know, for the loud ones at those late hours”. The boys first met at Valley Alternative High School. A local hippie school in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, The Wrong Brothers mutually referred to it as “The Farm", due to the K-12 school’s petting zoo area (which stunk up the whole school during the months close to summer). They had very similar backgrounds, which immediately intrigued the boys to take interest in each other. Both Giovanni’s and Roland’s fathers were actors growing up. And their sisters had almost the same name Marina and Narina. Coincidence? They think not. They first started filming themselves skating local abandoned pools on their retro fishtail skateboards. They went on to film themselves exploring abandoned and ramshackle buildings and homes in search of God knows what. Among their favorites were haunted hot spots such as the Chatsworth weather drains, the San Fernando Veterans' Hospital abandoned insane asylum, Charles Manson’s hide out caves, and Gravity Hill. Their first collaborative film was titled “The Color of God”. It depicted a restless, color-blind traveler in search of a better life; a life of richness, humor, and, of course, love. Eventuating to a cave inhabited by a blind fortune teller/voodoo doctor, the hero ends up going on a Space-Odyssey-esque psychedelic trip into his own subconscious, where he not only regains his color vision but also sees a new color, the “Color of God”. But, as in the Greek Myth where the gift from the gods brings with it disaster, so too does this. Their hero, seeing this new mesmerizing color, is driven into a nirvana state of coma from which he doesn’t recover. “Color of God” was crude, choppy, and edited only by the turning of the camera record on and off at strategic moments. In short, it was a highly experimental film. But it ignited their passion for filmmaking. Soon more of these Lynch-Kubrick-Bergman type shorts were produced, which they’ve been hesitant to make public. But like all motivated artists, they developed and matured both in taste and ability. The long awaited self titled, “The Wrong Brothers” series is anticipated in their growing fan club as one of their most professional, thrilling, suspenseful, and entertaining projects to date.