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... crazy as a box of rocks.

The Winniebago Forcefield is a new Dallas-based rock-n-roll-ISH project from R. Taylor "Duckie" Etherton. Taylor, or Duckie, has been the drummer/back-up vocalist for many bands in Dallas such as London Sky, Oliphant, Galea, and currently Night Gallery. This will be his first solo endevor as he has taken on writing, recording, and performing roughly 96.7% of the first 5 song EP from the project entitled, The Fifth Reality. Other artists featured on the record are Nathan "n8r" Hanlon of The Fognoshmans, Richard "Rabbit" Bouley of Great White Buffalo, and the cast of Ghostlight Theatre's "Screw the Eggnog, Pass the Rum: Eggnog 2, Electric Boogaloo".