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OMARI BROWN Bio In January of 2009, Omari Brown finally stepped into the world of comedy by doing stand-up. After his first hilarious performance at an amateur competition at the Richmond Funny Bone, he was hooked instantly and hasn’t looked back since. Omari received positive feedback from comics and the audience. Then he knew this could soon change from "just a hobby". He’s performed in local clubs and open mics in the Richmond, VA and Baltimore, MD. By the summer of 2009 Omari decided to further his comedic experience and was trained at “The Second City” located in Chicago, Illinois. During his training he was cordially invited to other improv comedy clubs and was lucky enough to participate with other troupes. The Playground, iO Improv- Chicago and The Annoyance to name a few. While out in Chicago, he met and worked with a phenomenal group of talented friends. They were people from all over the U.S. with different backgrounds such as stage/broadway, comedy troupes, stand-up and people who just plain ol’ want to be “that funny person” at work. After returning back to Richmond, VA, Omari has had the best of both worlds of comedy through stand-up and improv. Even though he’s still new in the game, Omari has a lot to accomplish to make it to the top. Twitter @TheRealOmariB JOHN REAVES Bio In August of 2009, John Reaves started stand-up comedy at a local open mic in Richmond, VA. After his courageous corky absurd set, he hasn’t looked back since. Steadily, John’s comedic style has been circulating around the Richmond area. Within months he’s been hired as guest spots in clubs in Newport News. You can catch him at Café Diem, 955 Club, Richmond Funny Bone, The Blurr, The Hat Factory and Cozzy’s. He’s also one of few comics to stretch his 5 minute set to almost 20 minutes during an open. Every time John graces the stage with his comedic style he’s bound to have the audience in a side-splitting laughter. Other talents John has are playing the piano, bass, guitar and helping out his brother in his band Swamp Thing. He’s even the only comedian to open up for the legendary hardcore band, “cro-mags.” In his spare time he enjoys writing jingles, editing film and singing to his cat. In due time the world will soon know the hilarious John Reaves. Twitter @John_Reaves