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Award-winning restaurateur “Chef Buck” and his life partner “Side-Dish Louis-Michel” are the instigators behind The Two Gay Guys. The cooking segments showcase Chef Buck’s culinary talents enjoyed by Louis-Michel’s fierce appetite and promise easy-to-do recipes using proper cooking techniques, sprinkled with a dash of humour to help heat things up in the kitchen. “If you want to be successful in your own kitchen, you must always be curious and willing to explore new flavours” says the Chef – a mantra that has continuously fuelled his passion for the culinary arts. Louis-Michel on the other hand is far from being a Julia-Child-in-the-making. He openly admits he can’t cook to save his life “I’ve actually burnt eggs while trying to hard-boil them!” he says laughingly. “With these videos, I’m finally learning how too cook while not burning down the house!” he adds. Let the cooking lessons begin…