The Steamy Bohemians The Steamy Bohemians

The Steamy Bohemians

are sowing the seeds of love

Few people ask "Who are the Steamy Bohemians?" Not because we are reknowned such that the question has already been answered for most, but rather because we are (temporarily) obscure enough that no one cares. Yet. But we have ensured our success and inexorable fame in a very concrete way by acting as if we are already famous (the first step to being a rockstar being to live like one); drinking publicly from flasks, getting high in parking lots*, having high-profile feuds, and being generally unruly. We plan on destroying hotel rooms and expensive equipment as soon as we can afford to, and have already imagined ourselves being disqualified for drug use from what would surely be a short climb to celebrity status through reality television talent contests. "The Steamy Bohemians not only take every pee-pee cah-cah joke and hand it back to nitwits still amazed by predictable crotch humor, but they make them like it so much that the nitwits then go home and masturbate. Feminism and fun? We used to have to keep that shit secret." - Barry Crimmins “It is in their original songwriting that the Steamy Bohemians really shine as performers.” - C.D. DiGuardia for NE Performer Magazine "I've never been so disappointed and enjoyed it so much." - Evan O'Television "You girls are pretty and you sing good." - drunken patron "The best act ever." - us *don't do drugs, kids.