The Sisters Plotz The Sisters Plotz

The Sisters Plotz

Today we gather to read Daddy's WILL...

A surreal and satirical musical comedy about three heiresses who live in a townhouse with their butler, The Sisters Plotz offers the elegant madcappery of The Addams Family, the vintage glamor of Mad Men, and the ever-present class struggle of Downton Abbey. Imagine a Busby Berkely musical directed by John Waters through the lens of Guy Madden. The Sisters Plotz follows three madcap socialites in old-timey New York City. The dry and savvy Dada poetess Celestia (Eve Plumb), dangerously recreational scientist Ladybug (Lisa Hammer), and dreamy artist Whimsellica (Lisa Ferber) live in a ritzy townhouse with their adorable butler Reginald (Levi Wilson)--who also happens to be Ladybug's sweetheart. But can they really handle the everyday matters of life, such as....deep, dark secrets that have been in the family for generations but nobody ever talks about because awkwardness is just so...awkward... Or, science experiments that go horribly awry and might result in world annihilation, or just the maid having a really rough afternoon... OR dearest daddy departing this world and leaving the sisters... EVERYTHING? Tune in to the latest episode of The Sisters Plotz, from director Lisa Hammer and writer Lisa Ferber. Starring Eve Plumb as Celestia Plotz Lisa Ferber as Whimsellica Plotz Lisa Hammer as Ladybug Plotz Levi Wilson as the adorable butler Reginald Salvatore Brienik as his jealous brother Henthrop Glassley Chris O'Leary as the shockingly glamorous Uncle Sinley Autumn Whitefield-Madrano as gossip columnist Petula Feather Melissa Patterson as Alice the scheming maid Katie Gilbert as Rosie the scheming maid John Timothy as Lance, the young buck Stephen Heskett as Jean-Pierre (a Frenchman) and Bif (a handyman) Directed by Lisa Hammer First AD Noel Homyn Directors of Photography Nishell Falcone and James Hurley Asst. Camera Andrea DlBene Sound Max Liedka and the return of Maggie as Cricket