RevengeBrothers RevengeBrothers


are fighting crime

Vendetta and Danger Revenge are twins separated at birth, then reunited later in life to form one of the greatest superhero teams of this century. They are neither fraternal twins, nor conjoined twins- they are conternal twins. The rarest of all breeds of twins. Doctors say that most conjoined twins are joined at the head or torso...instead, Vendetta and Danger are conternal twins that were joined at the soul... Raised, then tragically orphaned by their ex-Navy SEAL/Circus performer father, Vendetta and Danger Revenge have dedicated their lives to fighting crime, righting the wrongs of evil-doers, and getting it on with totally hot chicks. The Revenge Brothers protect the city of Chicago from the likes of Dr. Macho, The Crooner, The Human Man, The Magician, and Fr. Bother. From the hearts of vengeance comes dangerous revenge! New webisodes coming soon!