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Never mean-spirited, Bill and Betty use their pretzel logic to tackle society's most pressing issues: from Isalm (“we have discovered that when they bend over to pray, they are not pointing towards Mecca-but to moon the United States of America!”), Jews (“Passover got its name when God passed right over the Jews and went straight to the Christians!”), and the environment (“You know what would happen if we reversed Global Warming?..we'd have Gnimraw Labolg - speaking in tongues!”). The Rev. Bill and Betty have performed their “Interfaith Understandings” for five years at such NYC venues as Under St. Marks        Danny's Skylight Cabaret 45th St. Theater       "The Kong Show" variety hour The Kraine Theatre Gene Frankel Underground PUNCH 59 Sketch Comedy         Various charity benefits/showcases ...and will be appearing at the Metropolitan Room Comedy Cub Benefit for Haiti February 28th, 2010 with Dave Konig, Seth Herzog, Ophira Eisenberg, nancy Lombardo, Bob Greenberg, Steven Scott, and Nancy Ehlers