the retar crew the retar crew

the retar crew

just took a dump and forgot to wipe

Band Members: Jackson / P.O. / G / and JQ / featuring Weezy Jenkins Once upon a time, 4 dudes and a chic named Weezy Jenkins thought it would be cool to form a group called The Retar Crew. G said, "Hey, we should form a group and make an album called 'The Retar Crew'!" JQ said, "And we should sell it for FREE on a website called ''!" P.O. remarked, "Yeah...hoes will like that shit!" To which, Weezy replied, "How'd you know WE liked shit?!" Upon hearing this, Jackson smiled and laughed like a child-like girl, adding "I'm hung like a tuna can! I need to squeeze my Weeze...I love you, Boo-Boo."