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will have lots of content the next few months

The Mighty Dynasty (TMD) is an up and coming film production. It was founded by Mandrell McLemore, most known by his TMD name of "King Drell." Mandrell always liked to entertain people and wanted to make a living doing so. The Term "Dynasty" means a succession of rulers who belong to the same family, which is exactly what The Mighty Dynasty is as it's mostly made up of King Drell's friends, and he considers all of his friends his family, and they are going to rule this generation. King Drell also wants any outsiders who help out to feel like family and they will be treated as such. The Mighty Dynasty isn't that big right now. King Drell started out with only one camera and a few friends, and is trying to grow from there. They now use computer programs and a green screen to help make videos look and feel better. One day they hope to have a lot more, and they welcome anyone who wants to help make the product grow, which can be anyway from acting in some videos or direction and writing scripts. Also if you already have talents that you want to share with the world, wheather it be videos, modeling, or music, we can help you with that. Think of it as helping each other out. Everyone will not be dissapointed going down this road. TMD Bitches!!!