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Thank you for the life.

I grew up in Italia in di fashion capitol called Milano. I have been piano player my whole life. I get so bored with normal italian music and dream about music Jazz so I decide to go to biggest york city! Arrive and meet the wife Nannette and she sweep me off my feet. I make a band with the wife who has beautiful voice and leg and make music everyday. Also we make something else…a baby. OH! Finally become AMERICAN CITIZEN ! after I marry the wife. Thank god for that. Now with two daughters and house in the boon dags I work in construction with the guys and still play my love piano. The dream is own a boat and live happy with family. I like to show the people my culture, cook a lio bit, play the soccer the best becuz in Italy I is medium, and make everybody laugh with the jokes. I also love a good deal. Thank you America for introduce me to Nationwide Football league, queen latifah, those glasses that fold and you put in tiny case, uggs for the house slippers, home depot, and the hamburger. Some people they ask why you decide to stay in America..becuz I once won beautiful sweater at new year party. I never win anythin! Thank you for the life.