Mandy(s) Kaplan & Steckelberg Mandy(s) Kaplan & Steckelberg

Mandy(s) Kaplan & Steckelberg

Mandy Kaplan and Mandy Steckelberg are two extremely attractive, funny, smart, funny, compassionate, honest, opinionated, funny women out to change the world.The Mandys don't always agree, but they are extremely attractive...and funny. It's Loveline meets "The View", but younger...and much less annoying! MANDY KAPLAN (The attractive one) With her careers in voiceover and acting (including Kelsey Grammar's "World Cup Comedy", Mad TV,""CSI""The Bill Engvall Show," and Disney's "Chicken Little") skyrocketing, Mandy decided her genius deserved other outlets and now shares her extraordinary talents in the worlds of writing and improv. She can also write really cool run on sentences. MANDY STECKELBERG (The more attractive one) Steckelberg has been slinging spit into microphones since before Mandy Kaplan was her mother..s worst mistake. As a prodigious teenager, she wrote and performed comedy for B-93 and Z-102 in Austin, TX. On-camera, Mandy has shared the screen with Howard Stern (Private Parts) and Dr. Drew, as his comedic co-host on ..Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew... She has performed comedy at The Improv, HBO Comedy Workspace and Comedy Central Stage, and writes and performs her own music with a comedy twist.