The Mad Dog Tannenz The Mad Dog Tannenz

The Mad Dog Tannenz

Uncensored & Unrefined Comedy Outlaws

The unlikely pairing of a good looking, action figurey Penn State graduate that was born in Virginia and came into manhood on the mean streets of Connecticut (Brendan Irving) and a fat dorky peice of shit Community College drop out from south shore Long Island (Billy Beyrer). The duo first came into contact with one another when paired together at an audition several years ago. A bond was formed, and lives have never been the same. "THE MAD DOG TANNENZ" made their debut as a cohesive unit on the stages of the former New York Improv Comedy Club, they have also performed at several private and corporate functions all around the North Eastern United States, and more recently, appeared together in the smash hit Off-Off Broadway show Accomplice: New York. Now they are unleashing themselves upon a new audience...the internet. Get ready to experience pull-no-punches sketch comedy from the warped minds of Irving and Beyrer.