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is hardly ever on this site anymore.

I am a senior at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon home of the Oregon Ducks, Nike Shoes, Jogging, and The King of Zing himself. I am an entertainer at heart and have decided that in my life I would love to try my hand at various gigs, including but not limited to: Stand Up Comedy, Internet Sketch Video Comedy, Theatre, Acting in Television, Acting in Movies, Writing, Improv, Musicals on Broadway or Off or Off off, and maybe even someday being a Late Night Talk Show host. I love making people laugh and Girls are pretty hot in my book as well. I plan on moving down to Los Angeles in the near future or to Las Vegas, because both of those towns are big hubs for entertainment. Either way I plan on having fun in life and meeting a lot of hot girls. My friends are my family. That is all for now.


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