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The Jacob's Show


No, just type what I say Eddie. What? No I can't cause I'm blind. I can't see anything. Everything is dark for me. Are you going? No I can hear you typing, cause my other senses are really strong cause I'm blind. Ok. Hey everybody it's me Jacob! I made this show a couple years ago and they told me it played on TV, but now I heard it can go on the internet, so Up! to that. Technology! It's amazing! So I'm Jacob and this is my show! It's a talk show, and a prayer show and we drop fat beats and sometimes I drop some knowledge on you about life, and the lord and the world through my eyes, which is black because I can't see, but full of love because I'm peepin' everything through Christ's eyes! Up! Send me an email if you want to chat. I'm not doing a lot these days after my accident, so write me and Eddie will read it to me. He does all sorts of funny voices and I think he adds things in, cause he's funny and my cousin and my best friend, so it's OK. Now type the email in. Did you do it? Ok. Up!