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The Hunted is part "Buffy", part "Cops" where we attempt to prove the existence of vampires though our sword-slinging, vampire slaying reality web show series. With appearances by Robert Chapin (Ring of Steel), Patti Pelton (League of Their Own), Anthony DeLongis (Fearless), F. Braun McAsh (Highlander), Roberta Brown (Queen of Swords), TJ Storm (Punisher), Ming Liu (The Mummy), Chris Torres (Bloodrayne), Chris Cassamassa (Mortal Kombat), Stuart Chapin (Deadlock), Jim Pirri (Alias), Calvin Remsberg (X-Files), Troy Rudolph (Into the Black), Hunter Ackerman (Boystown), Reuben Langdon (Power Rangers), Bob Yerkes (Magnolia) Join us online at http//

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