The Hatter The Hatter

The Hatter

Well, what can I say about me? I'm MAD! and Not a typical person. I never really liked these "about me" boxes, I mean it makes me feel like i'm on one of those weird date sites,that say "okay now that your a despreate single person,write about yourself." Well,theres a reason why they call me the hatter. Okay about me, well i'm a Comedian, Writer,do a little acting on the side and co-crator for something that i can't say. I guess i'm a funny person? I make people laugh,and smile and thats my job. I never get paid for it,but hey as long as your all happy,thats my meal ticket. Favrite books Alice in wonderland, La Divina Comedia (The Divine Comedy), anything thats about vampire's,werewovles,(as long as they arn;t the twilight kind*shivers* I see too much Mtv Crap) Fun Facts I'm probley the youngest person on here. I don't know.Maybe, i'm ayoung blood darn it,and I will watch old movies,and Laugh at the word Will Farrel, it's to epic, like the name Judd. EPICLY EPIC of EPICNESS!!!