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IN 2008 SCIENTISTS DISCOVERED A TRANS-DIMENSIONAL PORTAL LEADING TO A PARALLEL UNIVERSE. THE CREATURES NATIVE TO THIS MAGICAL PLACE WERE CALLED GRUNDLES. NO ONE COULD HAVE PREDICTED THE IMPACT THAT OUR WORLD WOULD HAVE ON THEIRS, BUT THE RESULTS SOON PROVED TO BE DISASTEROUS BEYOND ANYONE'S IMAGINATION. TODAY, THE GRUNDLES HAVE NEARLY ALL DISAPPEARED FROM THEIR HOME DIMENSION ...they moved to ours because we have "cable". So now, because we're stuck with them, we use the Grundles as test subjects in scientific experiments. Despite what protestors, and Grundle-rights activists might say, testing on the Grundles actually proves to be a very fair solution considering the following 1.) They're cheaper than lab rats. 2.) They can't die. 3.) They're kind of jerks. For proof that the Grundles are in no way being mistreated, neglected, or abused, please view the video logs from our science lab.

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