The Funniest Show In LA - The Spoof House The Funniest Show In LA - The Spoof House

The Funniest Show In LA - The Spoof House

What shyou talkin'?

In April of 2011, The Spoof House Comedy Troupe came about when Josh Fallon & Chuck Bunting came together at Jerry's Deli on Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles. After a long unprofitable night at their restaurant job, they came to the conclusion that it was time to do something instead of waiting; waiting on tables, waiting for a phone call and ultimately waiting for the gravy train. I mean God knows there was enough gravy on Chuck's Monte Cristo already and Josh was already on his sixth Jameson's on the rocks. After talking about what we had done and hadn't done in our careers, we figured it was finally time to take control and do things our way. We wanted to do a comedy show, but a comedy show that isn't being done or hasn't been done in quite some time and thus The Spoof House was born. In the week that followed we both gathered our peeps that we knew could help us pull off what had to be the funniest show anyone would ever see, poking fun at everything around us, including ourselves. We also wanted to make it personal, so we brought the city of Los Angeles along for the ride, not only to poke fun at but to also celebrate what the city has and what it stands for. Our belief is, the more personal you make it, the funnier it will be. And then our balls got really big. We decided to name our show, "The Funniest Show In LA", therefore putting not only the pressure on us, but also making sure, through the checks and balances from our peeps, that we have to put on something great, something that nobody will never forget, something that will stand the course of time. Just like our influences did. People like Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel & Hardy, Gleason & Carney, Lucille Ball, Nichols & May, Monty Python and we could go on and on like Aykroyd & Belushi, Carol Burnet & Tim Conway, Woody Allen, Mel Brooks & Gene Wilder and lets not forget Gilda Radner. Ok and Chevy Chase AND THAT'S IT! I SWEAR TO GOD, THAT'S IT! Ok, Chris Farley and NOW WE'RE DONE! I'M SERIOUS! So get ready to laugh your asses off as we are proud to bring you "The Funniest Show In LA". Chuck Bunting & Josh Fallon Music by Sam Peters http// The contact numbers at this time for The Spoof House would be as follows. Josh Fallon (818) 983-7737 Chuck Bunting (805) 444-1725