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The Fluffers


**TO BUY TICKETS & SEE THE FLUFFERS LIVE, GO TO: HTTP//WWW.PLAYS411.COM/FLUFFERS The Fluffers are an all-girl sketch comedy/improv group bringing you musical parodies, crazy characters, original sketches, and HARD COMEDY! The Fluffers are Sara Anderson, Nicola Graham, Rainy Kerwin, Lita Lopez, Kaleena Massaker, Sara McGowan *Sara Anderson went to an all girls Catholic high school. Whilst attending, she was told by the Vice Principal, Sister Rat Face, that she was the tackiest girl at the school. To this day, it is the highest compliment she has ever received. Thanks, Sister Rat Face. *Nicola Graham is the love child of Kentucky bourbon and green, leafy vegetables. After winning the national Nintendo Championship in 1991, she traveled the world looking for magic mushrooms, gold coins, and stars that dance. Never giving up the dream, she still sits in her living room in her pink princess dress with her cats, Mario and Luigi. *Rainy Kerwin is proud to be employee of the month at Pinkberry two months running. Voted "most likely to trip over speed bumps" in high school, Rainy has proven them right time and time again. As soon as the athlete's foot clears up, she hopes to pursue her lifelong dream of being a foot model - offers welcome. *Lita Lopez is neither a Texan nor a Mexican...she's a Texican. The Texican is a rare breed, one with always one foot on solid ground and the other foot roaming the wide open plains. Lita would sell a tiny piece of her soul to live on a Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee farm. *Kaleena Massaker aka Irena Popogosyan I am proud to join the Fluffers as I like to fluff in spare time. I live with my family in Glendale, the most beauty city in whole world. If you want discount on watches or make-up I get for you. Oh yes, I am very good at waxing eyebrows too. When I am not fluffing, I hang with my friends at local hookah place. You come sometime. I give you good discount cause I know manager. *Sara McGowan's credits include Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink. *CONTACT US DIRECTLY AT THEFLUFFERSCOMEDY@GMAIL.COM