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F.A.T White

F.A.T White is here bitches!! Gonna take the hip-hop community by storm! Probabl

Originally from the biggest Amish community in the mid-west, F.A.T White was banished at the age of 16 when he was caught using a toaster. It's because of this outrageous defiance, that he turned to a life on the streets (well corn fields first, mainly because he didn't know what a street was), and a life of drugs. Then one day, on the streets of Chicago, F.A.T White met a young boy by the name of Crawford, who informed him that the "drug" F.A.T was taking wasn't a drug at all. He simply had an insatiable addiction to Twinkies. With this new found knowledge, and at Crawford's suggestion, they set out to find themselves what Crawford described as a "Jew Town Polish." F.A.T couldn't understand why Crawford wanted some polish guy keep around, but went anyways. Then one day he realized that this bio was getting way too long, and since he didn't like exerting any kind of energy whatsoever, he simply