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The Edge Of Sanity

"Dreams do not come easy, but come to those that believe"

The Edge Of Sanity
The Edge Of Sanity The Edge Of Sanity

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan in the 60's/70's when motown was big. Later around 1985 I moved to California with my new family and soon got divorced and was a single mother of two boys. With no support I struggled as a new mother, but eventually those two sons grew into fine young men. They both live in the Bay Area and one has two children of his own. I am the proud grandmother of a granddaughter and grandson. I had always wanted to be a performer since a small child and performed in school choir, church choir, school plays, etc. Since I got married and had a family at a young age(19) I waited until they were in their teens before I pursued some of my dreams. I started modeling and acting, and eventually when I had to stop working due to some health issues, I took my acting online which I still do. I have created a webisode(The Edge Of Sanity) which I act in and also act in fellow actors shows. I have recently taken a re-interest in voice, and love singing/recording duets with others online, record my poems to music, and have always dreamed of doing voice over work and singing for others.