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Name: George Williams Age 23 Location Rocklin, Ca Job on The Comedy Troupe Co-creator, Writer, Editor. Tell us your story Co-Creator of a online cartoon that everyone links to Geico. Just had my 17th child, George JR # 16. beautiful baby girl we are so unhappy. never married. We have a gay dog he is a Cockertease his name is Alfred and he smells like cabbage. I’m a very close and personal friend with Jesus, He mows my lawn every Friday we have lemonade and talk about old war stories that we were never in. I Once killed a man with a baked potato. Personal Website http// http// Favorite Cartoons The Critic, The Tick, Pinky And The Brian, Ren And Stimpy, The Simpsons, South Park, The Head, Beavis And Butt-Head, Home Movies Favorite Films Dumb And Dumber, Pulp Fiction, The Pianist, Sin City, Billy Madison, Rounders, Se7en, Saving Private Ryan, The Prestige, 40 Year Old Virgin Favorite TV Shows Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ali G, Heroes, Smallville, The Soup, Conan O’Brien, Extra’s, The Office (Both) Favorite Music I like everything. If it has a good beat then I like it.