The Chris Gethard Show

Coming to truTV this Summer

The Chris Gethard Show The Chris Gethard Show

The Chris Gethard Show has been referred to as "an often riveting experiment in seat-of-your-pants broadcasting" by The New York Times, "a party on the public access airwaves" by New York Magazine, and once caused Conan O'Brien to say "we're going to rip that off."

Chris Gethard (Broad City, The Office), veteran improviser and comedian, moves his successful talk show from the dungeons of public access to the world of deep cable.

Join Chris and his strange friends as they battle pro­-wrestlers, endure electrocutions, perform social experiments, and get hurt both physically and emotionally… while trying to make a functional half hour of television.

Real weird, and real interactive ­ The Chris Gethard Show aims to bring television to its knees.

Premiering live later this summer on truTV

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