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Sarah Monson Sarah Monson

MeOnTVBook.com/Amazon Pick up my new book, ME ON TV and get all the SECRETS that will get you famous faster! When you do, you'll get a bunch of extra bonuses + a maybe even a free kitten! ** http//MeOnTVBook.com/Amazon ** I’m a reality show casting director who spent years casting quality television programs including Survivor, Blind Date and The Bachelor. I'm writing a humorous memoir about said career and how I used my job in casting to bang hot guys instead of putting them on TV. You may recognize me from 20/20's annual reality show special where I kept asking if girls tits were real, as the leopard print footie pajama fashion victim on "How Do I Look?," or as the girl who actually called 911 on a very special episode of Scare Tactics. I've written for Cosmo, AOL, YourTango, Lemondrop and SheKnows.