The Bastard

The Bastard The Bastard

The Bastard & Friends is a series of sketch comedy started by Tim Phillippe in 2006. It consists of various characters created by Tim and each has been revised over the years. Some characters include "Party Mike" (who is based on a real life friend of Tim’s), Pawnee Pimp (based on the "Annie Get Your Gun" character, Pawnee Bill), Mickey Little (the vulgar children’s song writer), The "Your Welcome" lady, Gay Rudolph (that should be self explanatory), and of course "The Bastard" (who recently received an actual name....but you’ll find that out in the videos to come!). Recently, other actors were recruited to help with the Bastard & Friends videos. Michael Sisemore, Daniel Robinson, Michael Johnson, Will Kauber, Ryan Scivally, Felicia Taylor, and others (by the way guys, if you are reading this....this is my way of telling you I have recruited you to do these videos so deal with it!). All in all, these videos are not meant to offend. If they do offend you, you are more than welcome to click the back button on your browser and not watch them. Simple enough, right? Right. These vidzzz are meant to bring laughter and joy to people, which (in all seriousness) is a passion of mine. The world is not a very pleasant place any more and what we need is a way to laugh. This is our mission. Enjoy your self! Love, Tim Phillippe