The Bar Mitzva Kid The Bar Mitzva Kid

The Bar Mitzva Kid

The Budha:"The secret of Awakening is not falling asleep during meditation"

Here we go: I'll always remember my 13th birthday. For Jews that's when you become a man, and assume all responsibilities and duties. By the way - I converted to Islam at 12. My Bar-Mitzva was the only time that I did the old in-and-out with a building of some religious significance. When they finally let you off, all them kids throw candy at you. I'm talking HARD candy. So today - it's the same thing all over again: I play the comedy scene - and they throw rocks at me. Some of these gigs ended just like the second Intifada, remember? The starts firing in the air, and the entire trampoline section loose their lives. O.K. I'm going to stop here. As you can see - I had a really hard life. Besides, you could be watching some granny-porn online - instead of this. So good night y'all, and don't let the bed bugs bite, y'hear - they getting kind of snarly over here. (Oops - caught one. Is a big sucker ain't he. Throw'im in the pot Gran'ma?)