The Pimp Comic (a.k.a.) Re-hab Comedian:

The Re-hab Comedian

The Pimp Comic  (a.k.a.) Re-hab Comedian: The Pimp Comic (a.k.a.) Re-hab Comedian:

Disclaimer Note: Michael Jackson President Obama Sarah Palin Eddie Murphy Will Ferrell Andy Kaufman Dave Chappelle Richard Pryor and God! These are all people that i have NO affiliation with. (Except with the exception of God of course!) i owe them Billion of Dollar$. Please do NOT tell them that I'm hiding in the witness protection program for the criminally insane. Code name (Psychopath) Located at 3520 N. Alaska street. Sacramento Calif 92017. Second(2nd)floor basement level, corner cell, next to Charles Manson O.J. Simpson and Scooter Libby. Love Always..The Pimp Comic (a.k.a) The Re-hab Comedian p.s. Please forward all hate mail to Afghanistan ATTN Bin Laden