Andre R. Andre R.

Andre R.

The Andre Highway

André R. has performed before hundreds of people throughout his 27 years as a professional entertainer. From his humble beginnings as a self-taught virtuoso of the guitar, piano, kazoo, cowbell, and slide-whistle, to recent videography expertise that is completely his own, André R. continues to shine like no other before him or afterwards. Born in Los Angeles on February 18, Andre R. experienced his career highlight on his fifth birthday when he was cast as "Butchy Boy", Bozo The Clown's assistant on the local televised version of "Bozo's Big Top." He became inspired by the joy of music that his parents played loud in their home to drown out the sounds of the pimps, crack whores, gunfights, domestic disputes and ambulances of his pre-adolescent neighborhood. Andre R.took an interest in organised baseball and football during his tween years, but was extremely untalented and unsportsmanship-like which resulted in him being refunded and forced to withdrawl from various leagues of his community. After puberty arrived at the age of 19 and being heavily ostracized by both genders, he decided to leave home to live out his romantic vision of living the vagabond lifestyle while having new adventures and meeting fascinating people. He returned home after 72 hours with a 101 degree temperature and stayed in bed for 37 days. André R. finally caught a break in 1991 when he was asked to perform as a member of the house band for 1 year on a travelling cruise ship. After the job started André R. became less enthusiastic while discovering that the contract he signed included not being permitted to socialize with the passengers, sharing a cabin with 7 other men, and washing dirty dishes in the restauraunt kitchen for several hours daily. A university drop-out at the age of 37, André R. took his music to the streets 2 days weekly by performing next to the office buildings of downtown Los Angeles for the citizens travelling to and from their work environments. After receiving very little fanfare, he was shocked to remember months later that Saturdays and Sundays were days that most people did not go to work and that the buildings and their offices were closed. In October of 2011, André R. finally found a home amongst his peers on Youtube with his channel "The André Highway." He was quoted as saying "I finally have the opportunity to show people exactly who I am and what it is that I am capable of." "Now they will experience entertainment unlike anything they have ever seen or heard before that they will never forget."