Pretty Girls Pretty Girls

Pretty Girls

Once upon a time there were two New England Pretty Girls, named Brooke and Bethany. These Ivy-League-educated, loopy trailblazers are continually getting lost in the LA metaphor. Like other minorities (Asian Americans, African Americans), they have splintered identities and don’t fully belong to either camp. These wide-eyed girls maintain their childlike virtue as they navigate the choppy and often depraved waters of adult life in Los Angeles. Fair skinned, brunette, Catholic, agnostic, Shiksa goddesses, The Pretty Girls are something out of a Merchant Ivory film… but in 2007. With an affinity for boys, baby names, and birth control. The big O in their life stands for Oprah not Orgasms. They're biggest fear is failure. No! It's losing control! We're not going to fail! Their puppets, Sam and Samantha, represent Brooke and Bethany's alter egos – specifically, their ids. Sam and Samantha are sex-crazed, foul-mouthed infidels who can go from zero to sixty, happy to sad, good to bad, at moment's notice and are constantly getting the girls into trouble. Like Brooke and Bethany, the puppets have unusually big eyes, which are intent on taking in and taking on the world!