The Jess & Zoe Show The Jess & Zoe Show

The Jess & Zoe Show

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The Jess and Zoe Show, starring Jessica Colarusso and Zoe Dillon, is a creative experiment in the tradition of sketch comedy. A unique expression of natural artistic talent originating from the minds of two young girls - The Laurel and Hardy of American Middle schools; the Abbot and Costello of tweens; the Stooges of Celebration Florida; the iCarly of reality. Never has there been such a funtastical show as this! Never has a show manifested itself on YouTube, or Television, with such unique and creative awesomeness! Never again will you find a show so cultivated that it understands and appreciates the comical importance of potatoes, cheese, and pie. The Jess and Zoe Show will have you laughing aloud while trying to comprehend ‘what just happened’. You will be left questioning what will happen next, while always being surprised about what does happen next. A Show, which never disappoints! Now run, run my friends and subscribe, and tell your friends, and tell your friends to tell their friends, and subscribe and stuff.