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THE_EXPERIMENT is an actual GROUP. (moderated by Litho, ian Renga, and LizzyQ for its members.) ...the PURPOSE of our group is to PROVIDE a open and dynamic forum for like-minded FODers to share, promote, and generally comment on their fav. (or their own) FOD vid's, blogs, pics, and to be whimsically creative generally... is our idea that the group's creation and evolution will be guided by its members, and not its moderators... ...members are welcome to use the group posting functions freely... (although annoying folks with spam is frowned upon.) ...WE DON'T SPAM to obtain members... if you have received a group INVITE, it is because one of our members thought you might be a fun and interesting person to contribute to THE_EXPERIMENT... ...However, if you are interested in joining "The_Experiment" please feel free to message us for consideration. ... IMAGINATION is appreciated. ... feedback and creative ideas for the group's evolution and growth are welcome... ...THE_EXPERIMENT IS MEANT TO BE AN ACTUAL GROUP, where members can equally participate and share ideas... --THE_EXPERIMENT--