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Who are the Clancy Brothers? A question more easily answered is: Who aren’t the Clancy Brothers? The Clancy Brothers aren’t interested in going to your party, no matter how close you live to the subway or how much high quality weed you say you’ve purchased for the occasion. The Clancy Brothers are not going to stay up with you all night just because you’re sick and can’t sleep and want a cup of Chamomile tea, with a tea spoon of honey and a drop of lemon, just the way only they can make it. The Clancy Brothers aren’t going to wear shorts, tee shirts or sneakers, as they don’t consider such attire dignified. The Clancy Brothers aren’t necessarily affiliated with any person or collective other than themselves unless such alliances require little maintenance and appear to be instantaneously profitable. The Clancy Brothers are not real estate owners. They are not protected by health insurance. They are not happy about rent increases or fare hikes. And most importantly, the Clancy Brothers are not likely to check their attitudes, or bags or files, as they’ve found more success in just continuing on as if they couldn’t be bothered to see your expression, read the signs or pick up on the hint.

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