Matthew Matthew


kiss the naked mannequin man again!

Look, i dont have a pic of myself, but just look at my profile pic. I am 50% the guy on the left and 50% the girl on the right. I do NOT spit acid but my claws are quite sharp. I think i am beautiful but i have a warped perception of what 'beautiful' is. All the better. Do I lie to myself to be happy? In your case...yes I will. In all seriousness though, I am 27 years old. This means i am about to hit 'the wall' and officially become a dirty old man. I enjoy playing the piano, videogames (as any recluse does), doing impressions, listening to people's retarded opinions and nodding thoughtfully as if if I agree with and understand them. I love Lady Gaga and Eminem, my two favorite artists! I rap and sing in the car and I don't give a fuck about the old couple staring at me. I LOVE to write poetry as it lets me express myself much better then taking my anger out on my family. I have a wonderful brother working as a teacher in Japan. He is probably my hero. I was obsessed with Billy Joel for a long while. Then it moved on to U2. I could not sing them. I was screaming. But you know what? The more you explore your voice, the more it evolves. So if someone tells you that you cant do something, just work on it. Frankly, anything is possible. I say and do things that are sometimes inappropriate. I'll leave it at that. lol. Of course, when i'm doing these things I usually have no idea what i'm doing is wrong. Only until someone calls me on it. I am for Gay and Women's rights and don't see the point of hate. Fighting is worthless (unless its for your country or you have no choice). I witnessed my dad and stepmom go through a very messy divorce so i am sorta jaded on marriage. When the knife comes out and the toaster is's time to quit. I love cats and have four wonderful ones. One is from the ghetto, one is a sassy bitch, one is autistic, and the other is chubby (though he's losing weight). I like reading magazines about painting. I used to paint little metal miniatures but I stopped. Still, I like to admire artwork. Also, I love people that take their 'disabilities' and do amazing things with them. it can be done! luv ya all! (oh, and i like girls that flex and i have since i was five so get used to it!!!)