Tent Village Tent Village

Tent Village

Rai$e your ring finger, camper$!

YO!! Rai$e your ring fingers!! We are a new group of talented young re$pectful, creative arti$t-rapper$ that is about to take over the game Starting with thi$ bada$$ camp-rap. WE i$ planning on going global, we move fast, so keep up so as you don't trip up! TENT VILLAGE MEMBERS: Monkey Snow Snow & Vivi Bean$ Snow and Bean$ go way back to the oRiGiNaL h00d that i$ Dearborn, where they grew up next door to each other. They familys i$ clo$e friend$ and they are conquerin' tha game together 4 lyfe. After a few day$ of dreaming up plan$ for the inevitable $ucce$$ful future$, they rounded up some other camp-rap enthu$ia$t$ in the hood and did the new Global Hit "In My Tent". We go to Camp Dearborn every year to get in$$$piration and relax away from the problem$ and $truggle$ that is life. That'$ how we got the name Tent Village. Now that you know the crew, know that we are 4real about thi$ game we call life!