Computer Soup

TEAM G is a massively inclusive film collective with members in Los Angeles, New York and Kansas City. With a focus on friendship and collaboration, TEAM G develops ideas in every area of motion pictures. All the members find joy in the storytelling process, and aim to please audiences with amazing feature films, short films, music videos and commercials. TEAM G is the future of cinema. TEAM G embraces all technology. TEAM G is about friends. TEAM G welcomes projects with very high budgets, as well as projects with very low budgets. TEAM G prefers that the projects with very low budgets be exceptionally good. TEAM G is looking for interns. TEAM G has screened short films and music videos at the Sundance, South by Southwest and Cannes film festivals. TEAM G is a full service production collective which offers not only directors, but cinematographers, editors, production designers, sound designers and writers to help bring projects to life.