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MUSCLES OF LAUGHTER Charles Dorby is a native of Houston, Texas. He is the only bodybuilder to knowledge that is a comedian. He has been competing in bodybuilding for many years and is familiar with the fitness industry. He promotes bodybuilding, exercise, nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle through the use of stomach clinching laughter. Charles isn't your average comedian that just fills empty space on a stage, his resume include various emcee work, and feature and headliner appearances. He performs where ever real comedy talent is needed, whether it be at colleges, clubs, casinos, special events, bodybuilding shows, or anything in between. His material not only talks about bodybuilding and the fitness world, but covers life and the real problems that all people endure. Re-ignite and spark your event with laughter while gaining your audiences undivided attention. Contact Charles D, “The Bodybuilding Comedian” - Neither you, nor your crowd will regret it! And just so you know ... THERE'S NO CROWD THAT I CAN'T TURN OUT. EVEN THE MOST DIVERSE CROWD WILL HAVE SORE CHEEKS AND TEARY EYES AFTER EXPERIENCING A CHARLES D. SHOW. PROMOTING FITNESS THROUGH COMEDY - I'M CHARLES D., CONTACT ME WITH QUESTIONS AND